flō is proud to be a leader in the hemp evolution.

flō's mission is to provide relief for the body and mind and to educate consumers on the benefits of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in providing natural solutions for overall wellness.

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Feeling anxious or stressed? Having trouble with focus and concentration? Immune system distress in the way of you feeling your very best? Grab some flō! Naturally calming and soothing, flō creates feelings of homeostasis in the body, it finds the source of mental or physical discomfort and creates balance in the body and mind. Because it’s water-based, flō works in minutes vs hours with hemp oil products.


flō offsets angst, malaise, feelings of sadness and being “out of sorts”. flō resets the mind with clarity and a sense of peacefulness. In minutes you will feel flō’s support of the brain-body connection. And if you’re a bad sleeper, use flō at bedtime to ease into sleep.


What makes flō work? The active ingredient is a the highest concentration of full-spectrum agricultural hempavailable today, and widest range of naturally occurring broad-spectrum phytocannabinoids. The most abundant and non-psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp is cannabidiol (CBD)—with flō, this and the other 150+ cannabinoids, create an “entourage effect”—tapping the inherent benefits of the entire plant, thereby addressing a variety of aspects of the body at once, much the same way an aspirin works.

This product uses hemp cultivated in a State that is fully compliant with federal law under the U.S. Farm Bill


I loved the effect flō had on me - I felt physically and emotionally calmer in about 5 minutes. The taste is lovely and subtle - much more delicious that all other CBD delivery systems that I’ve tried.

Emily K, Portland

After the 2oz floshot, I had a fabulous night's sleep that I have not had since.

Karen K, Washington, DC

I have been taking flō for discomfort and pain in my body and it works almost instantly to soothe my stomach and make me feel at ease. Another effect I noticed was a decrease in anxious thoughts.

Eliza S, Santa Fe

I felt it in the first 15 minutes on an empty stomach. It seems to ease digestion and have a slight calming effect.

Robert D, Detroit

I’ve tried other CBD products, and honestly, flō is my favorite. I appreciate the immediate effects vs having to wait for my body to metabolize it. The soothing results to my body (relaxation and less pain) influenced my mind to also be at ease. My mind and body had way less tension.

Elisa K, Madrid

I had wicked tennis elbow in my left arm. Took floshot yesterday and the pain hasn't returned. Awesome! Thanks so much.

Chris R, Las Vegas