It’s an exciting day for us here at flō! After so many months of finding the right solutions to deliver you the highest quality, all natural product, the flō team is proud to present flō CBD shots! We sourced the cleanest and highest concentration of broad spectrum hemp, selected entirely healthful ingredients, perfected the recipe flavors using the least amount of components, found a way to render hemp oil water-soluble, honored the legal complexities, to bring you…..

the first ready-to-drink, all natural, water-based broad-spectrum hemp wellness shot  

Yup, we know what you’re wondering… but the answer is no. Nope, flō won’t get you high. THC found in marijuana is a very different molecule than CBD, and both have different effects. The CBD in hemp flō shots won’t give you the high associated with marijuana, and it’s a safe, legal, and natural way for you to feel relaxed in your body and mind.   

flō harnesses the proven power of CBD, or cannabidiol, long recognized for its ability to support overall health and vitality. Calming and soothing, flō’s active ingredient starts with an 80% concentration of full-spectrum agricultural hemp, and because the hemp is water-soluble, the CBD is immediately bioavailable – thus a most effective product in today’s crowded market!  

So, say ‘hello’ to flō and goodbye to aches and pains, feeling anxious and stressed. Zero calories, sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan. All-natural, non-GMO, no BPAs – learn more about the exceptional ingredients that go into flō by visiting our FAQ page here.   

Isn’t it about time you go with the flō? Try your first four-pack today!